Your child will gain confidence doing gymnastics and find the fun in all our activities. They will not be overlooked in their efforts and will be given opportunities that they can thrive in.

We will work with them as an individual, offer them expert coaching, and help them develop and shape their future. They will achieve things they once didn’t think were possible, build confidence, and give back confidence to those around them.

Our gymnastics programme has been developed to enhance your child’s gymnastics journey, giving them the best support and information to create great opportunities and achievements.

East Anglia Gymnastics has values that will help your child develop and mould into a fantastic sportsperson. These include honesty, respect, accountability, attitude and professionalism.

We believe if we can help develop and perfect these areas, it will not only transform them into a fantastic gymnast, but an astounding person.

We can’t wait for your child to get started and wish them the best of luck at our gymnastics club.

Our coaches are trained with the techniques and skills to build your child’s health and fitness, whilst having fun throughout all of our activities.

Everyone is treated fairly and are never over looked in their efforts. We encourage and praise all of our participants for the hard work they put in.

We aim to give them the best opportunities possible to help them develop and thrive under our coaching.

Children are diverse and all take in information and learn differently. We will work with your child as an individual, develop their current learning style, and introduce them to new ones.

We implement this with our expert coaching to help them develop and shape their future. We want to fill our young participants with unlimited confidence, so much that they continue to give back confidence to those around them.

East Anglia gymnastics prides itself on its honest approach with its gymnasts and parents. We have the upmost respect for everyone from all types of cultures, religions and backgrounds. We hold ourselves accountable for our service to our participants and parents and are always looking for ways to improve. We have an open attitude to change and love to hear feedback from parents and gymnasts.

Your child will take part in a well-structured, fun, organised and educational gymnastics class.

We always start the session with an engaging, enthusiastic, fun warm up. This prepares their young body mentally and physically for gymnastics and teaches them great individual and teamwork skills.

A flexibility preparation routine is practised each session, this is specifically designed to support your child’s gymnastics development. We encourage the importance of practising mobility into adolescence and adulthood.

Your child will be filtered into a small group allowing their coaches to spend quality time with.

With their coach they will spend quality time on the gymnastics apparatus; floor, vault, beam, bars and much more!

During the session, they will be developing co-ordination, flexibility, strength and balance, whilst learning exciting gymnastics skills such as handstands, cartwheels, walkovers and somersaults.

Welcome to EAG, we can’t wait to get started!